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I’m Mayor Toni Harp. Welcome to my re-election campaign Web site. With your help, we’ll continue moving New Haven forward during my third term as mayor. 


During these first two terms, I’ve created a solid financial base for the city, improved public safety services, advanced the public education system, and fortified the city’s economy. As a result, New Haven continues to grow, prosper and show advancements in:

✓ Educational outcomes
✓ Reduced crime
✓ Improved Quality of Life
✓ Economic Development
✓ Innovation and Technology
✓Immigration Reform

New Haven is on the right track as a result of these initiatives; now it’s time to recommit to them to maximize their potential.

I invite you to work with me and continue the efforts underway. We already see dramatic changes toward a better New Haven. Let’s stay on course, let’s allow these strategies to be fully implemented, and let’s address other improvements that have yet to be made.

In the current political climate, there will be many challenges to threaten the well-being of our community.  I hope you’ll join the Toni Harp 2017 team and work with us to bridge gaps that would divide us so we’re able to build a more vibrant and strong future for all city residents.

My hope for New Haven is that we come together to bridge the gaps between access to health, education, employment, and innovation so our children can not only have permission to dream - but the ability to realize their ability for making those dreams come true.

Work with me to bridge these gaps so we can build an inspiring and promising future for our community.
— Toni Harp, Mayor of New Haven

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